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11.9.2020 11:37

Achieved Social Talent Engagement 14x Higher Than the Industry Benchmark

Ritchie Bros. connects equipment buyers and sellers through a global network of auction facilities and online sales channels.

Although the company invests heavily in innovative technologies, a lack of brand awareness with tech talent and other key segments was an ongoing challenge for Ritchie Bros.’ talent team. Talent/Employer Brand Specialist Thomas Reneau says this, coupled with limited internal resources, was the impetus for reaching out to The Martec.

Ritchie Bros is a $5.5billion organisation and we have a presence in Canada, Australia, Dubai, Europe – all over the world,” he says. “But when you talk about us in the tech space, people are like ‘Who are you?
We have incredible people in our company but not enough bandwidth to create a steady stream of employer branding content. The only way to articulate the voice of Ritchie Bros through genuine, authentic stories was to unleash the power of The Martec.

After working with another agency to define Ritchie Bros.’ employer value proposition (EVP), Thomas was looking for an ongoing solution that would cover the entire talent acquisition funnel – from awareness through to hiring.

We want to cover the whole funnel,” he explains. “It’s about brand awareness and perception, but also sending a clear call to action to our target talent segments to find out more about what we do and apply.
We worked with another agency to create a full EVP for a few segments of the business, but we couldn’t launch anything without The Martec bringing our people’s stories to life.

The Martec Solution

So, how are we helping Thomas and the Ritchie Bros.’ team achieve their key objectives?

  • The Employee Hub empowers the team to map out Ritchie Bros.’ advocate profiles in line with key talent segments, and to identify and qualify thought leaders within the company.
  • The Audience Research provides insights into the topics and headlines trending with Ritchie Bros.’ key audiences.
  • The Story Builder matches topical headlines with the brand advocates’ expertise, passions and interests.
  • The Questioning Engine extracts rich, in-depth responses from the company’s brand advocates.
  • The Library enables the team to grow their employer brand, establish credibility and drive conversions through genuine employee stories.

The Results So Far? “Just Awesome!”

Since kicking off with The Martec, Ritchie Bros. has been able to tap into specific talent segments through highly targeted social media campaigns featuring brand advocate stories and thought leadership articles.

And the results have exceeded expectations.

We can clearly see the results from sharing these stories on social media,” says Thomas. “People know what we do and are applying for roles. We’ve especially seen some amazing results on LinkedIn.
The industry benchmark for engagement is 1%, but with some of the content we’ve been reaching nearly 14%. My account manager from LinkedIn even called me and said ‘What the hell is happening?’ To see those results is just awesome!

With The Martec, Thomas and the team can now rely on end-to-end employer branding and talent acquisition support.

The Martec is an extension of our internal team,” says Thomas. “We might have been able to manage one initiative or campaign internally, but now we have the bandwidth to cover a wide range of business segments and talent niches.
These are things we couldn’t do before. We have a full fleet of people supporting us with logistics, operations, onboarding our advocates and creating the content.

Results Recap

  • Averaged 14% engagement on LinkedIn – 14x higher than the industry benchmark
  • Grew followers on LinkedIn by 137%
  • Averaging 4,500+ impressions on every published article

Employee Hub

The Employee Hub allowed the team to map out Generation Health’s employee profiles and to identify and qualify thought leaders within the company.

Audience Research

Audience Research provided tailored insights into the topics and headlines trending with Generation Health’s key audience segments.

Story Builder

The Story Builder matched trending topics with the brand advocates’ expertise, passions and interests, in line with the business’ objectives.

Questioning Engine

The Questioning Engine extracted rich, in-depth responses from the company’s thought leaders.


The Library enabled the team to grow their employer brand and establish credibility through unique and authentic insights and stories.

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